Brilliant Rewards is a sophisticated software solution that allows merchants to create and manage effective loyalty and rewards programs.

Today, loyalty rewards programs are used by hundreds of thousands of merchants, venues and retail establishments, as many have found that these programs help build strong relationships with customers. However, as the quantity of these programs increase, customer interest in them decrease; due to the fact that many customers can not manage dozens of plastic loyalty cards, and do not have the smartphone memory capacity to manage multiple loyalty apps for several brands. As a result, merchants often cannot reap the maximum benefit of their program and many times, find difficulty in creating and managing an effective loyalty system.

These issues have now been solved through the introduction of the Brilliant Rewards software system; a combination of an easy-to-use merchant portal and app, and a fully-functional member platform. Brilliant Rewards allows merchants to create unique loyalty schemes that are tailor-made to benefit customers, resulting in greater customer retention and longevity. In addition, merchants are able to create and issue rewards; and are able to access a number of marketing tools including e-mail marketing and social media exposure. Customers on the other hand, are able to manage all of their loyalty programs from a single platform, eliminating the need for plastic loyalty cards, and reducing their total loyalty activity to a single mobile and web application.