Customer Centric Approach is on the Rise

Today’s consumer is busy, time-poor and overwhelmed with choices. From the outset, businesses are finding it harder to fit products with people as there is just too much noise.  Customer-centric communications give the opportunity to be more efficient and save your customers time. Saving people time is definitely a win that will earn your business brownie points with the consumer.  The benefits to people of having easy access to information without people having to travel to multiple sites and stores.  The customer should get promotions that are tailored to their preferences. Tailored choices are more useful to customers as they appear relevant.

Targeted marketing efforts are numerous, but many involve a loyalty programme that rewards loyal customers. However, it is not as simple as launching a new loyalty card and hoping it boosts sales. We need to look deeper and see what drives net sales.

Loyalty programs boost interaction and have a good response rate, but we think businesses can do better with the data they collect from these programs.  Therefore, thanking customers for loyalty should just be the first step with the next being understanding customers.  Understanding individual customers is vital in seeing where customers fall in the value landscape allowing businesses to see where opportunities exist.

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