The Importance of a Personalised Retail Experience for People.

Technology has been a gift to the retail sector by opening doors to numerous new and effective personalised marketing techniques.  The cost of such technologies has decreased dramatically in the last decade making it easier for businesses to utilise technology that allows personalised experiences for people.  Individuals can use a two-way communication system that is tailored to their preferences. For example, My Brilliant Rewards allows customers to select what they want from their local businesses and interact using social media.

Marketing strategies of the past do not accommodate to the rise of personalised interaction between companies and customers. Old-fashioned techniques that use segmentation of user groups to appeal to a customer base are not comprehensive enough to build a custom communication channel like our app.

Technologies that allow custom communication between customers and businesses allow businesses to match the right products to people using the right channels. This has changed the customer journey path immensely offering new opportunities to businesses. Customers appreciate the ability to personalise their experience and businesses benefit from this new approach with higher ROIs.

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