Throw Away Your Loyalty Cards

Loyalty apps have overtaken old fashioned cards. A loyalty card is becoming a novelty rather than a useful business tool. There are many attributing factors to the great fall of the loyalty card such as the rising power of millennials as a customer market and the use of smartphones.
Why does an app work better than a card?
In today’s climate having a smartphone is almost like breathing air to people and decisions about what to buy and who from are made through mobile feeds. Being mobile friendly is more than just a way to look modern, it is a necessity in business today. People are also becoming more time poor they crave something quick, easy and affordable that they can access 24/7. Apps fit better into the average person’s lifestyle and unlike cards, they can’t get lost, broken or stolen. After all, you can just re-download the app and all your information is saved if you change phones. The appeal is clear for millennials and a wider market of smartphone users. Another benefit of an app is that you can promote new promotions to clients easily without having to wait until they are next in store to get their attention.
People want rewards and they want them quickly. Moreover, people want a variety of rewards that are easy to track and will really add value to their customer experience. Reaching people on their phones is a personal way to connect with customers and increases your brand awareness. If it’s hard to access your reward program people won’t use it. The lessons learnt are that loyalty programs need to be accessible, easy to use and have all its features in one place. That’s why we would choose a universal loyalty app over plastic cards any day!

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